Graduate assistantships are awarded to all doctoral students unless special circumstances exist. The graduate assistantship includes a full tuition waiver and comprehensive fee scholarship. Stipends average $2,667 monthly for nine months ($24,003).  All Departmental doctoral students also receive yearly scholarships averaging $10,000. In addition, doctoral students can request to teach one (or possibly two) section(s) during one six-week summer session to increase their overall remuneration (approximately $5,500 each section) giving most students an income of approximately $39,500 in addition to their tuition and comprehensive fee.

A typical graduate assistantship assignment over the four-year program usually finds the student teaching two sections of introductory level material. The next year is usually spent on research assignment in which the Ph.D. student works directly with a faculty member in his/her area of interest. During this period the student learns the art and science of research and how to produce manuscripts to submit to high quality journals for publication. The third and fourth years typically find the Ph.D. student back with a mix of semesters teaching and working on research and dissertation requirements.