The evaluation of doctoral students in Accounting and Information Systems is usually conducted at the end of the second semester of each academic year. Its purpose is to assure that the student is proceeding in a timely fashion toward completion of program requirements. This evaluation involves the review of courses taken, grades earned, and progress made to date. The basis of this review is an annual evaluation form that is completed by each student, the student’s grade reports, and other evidence of progress. If necessary, a meeting will be scheduled with the student to discuss the committee’s evaluation and to answer the student’s questions. The annual evaluation form becomes part of each student’s file. If at any time the student fails to make satisfactory progress toward the degree, permission to continue may be denied. In accordance with Graduate School policy, this denial decision may be reached by the advisory committee and/or the Department Head, and recommended to the Graduate School. A grade of less than B in any course in the program of study is viewed as less than satisfactory unless the student can demonstrate a conceptual knowledge of the material through other means. The Doctoral Committee may also request a conference with any student during the academic year.