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The Department of Accounting & Information Systems seeks to fulfill its mission of providing a world class accounting and information systems education to students through programs, which include:

  • Undergraduate Programs, where we seek to prepare students to enter the accounting and information systems professions equipped with the skills and knowledge of business, information systems, and accounting concepts and practices that will enable them to be successful.
  • Master of Accounting and Information Systems, where we seek to prepare students for professional careers with specializations in accounting analytics, audit, financial services, information systems, and taxation.
  • Ph.D. Program in Business with a concentration in Accounting, where we seek to prepare students for academic careers in research and teaching.

A recent Public Accounting Report ranked Virginia Tech’s Undergraduate Accounting Program #29 among all programs nationwide and #19 among large schools.

We help prepare students for successful professional and academic careers both now and in the future.   We focus on integrating appropriate technology into our courses so that our students are better able to obtain high quality employment opportunities.  

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Academic Programs

Student listening to instructor in ACIS 4414.