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2008 Faculty Publications & Grants

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Grants Awarded

Fan, Weiguo and J. Gregory Jenkins, “Automated Text Analysis for Fraud Detection,” PricewaterhouseCoopers, $199,000.

Fox, E., Weiguo Fan, and Steven D. Sheetz, “Collaborative Research: CPATH CB: Living in the Knowledge Society (LIKES),” NSF, $440,000.

Fox, E., Weiguo Fan, and N. Ramakrishnan, “SGER: DL-VT416: A Digital Library Testbed for Research Related to 4/16/07 at Virginia Tech,” NSF, $200,000.

Hicks, Sam A. and John A. Brozovsky, “Incorporating IFRS in Intermediate Accounting,” Deloitte Foundation, $81,000.