The Department of Accounting and Information Systems in the Pamplin College of Business strives for excellence in fulfilling the three missions of a comprehensive land grant university by:

  • Providing a world class accounting and information systems education to our students.
  • Improving the accounting and information systems professions by conducting quality research and disseminating the results.
  • Delivering outreach services to accounting and information systems professionals and educators.


Kecia Smith was the guest speaker at the Women of NABA (National Association of Black Accountants) Brunch sponsored by NABA Greensboro, NC.

Greg Jenkins, Professor, Accounting & Information Systems.

Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins and co-authors have a paper forthcoming in Contemporary Accounting Research entitled  “Getting Comfortable on Audits - Understanding Firms' Usage of Forensic Specialists”.

Jing Huang presented her paper entitled "R&D and the Rising Foreign Profitability of U.S. Multinational Corporations" at the National Tax Association 2017 meeting in Philadelphia.