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2020 Faculty Publications & Grants

Ali Amiri, Reza Barkhi, “A Lagrangean based solution algorithm for the multiple knapsack problem with setups,” Computers & Industrial Engineering, Forthcoming.

Nishani Edirisinghe Vincent, Reza Barkhi, “Evaluating Blockchain Using COSO,” Current Issues in Auditing, Forthcoming.

Rebecca Wetmiller, Reza Barkhi, “Redefining the Accountants Personality: Success or Stagnancy,” Accounting Research Journal, Forthcoming.

Degaev, E., & Barkhi, R. (2020). Integrated assessment of contractor's building production culture during facade repair. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1425(1).  doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1425/1/012066

Evseev, V. O., Borkovskaya, V. G., & Barkhi, R. (2020). Modelling the reliability of the implementation of the schedule building work. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1425(1). doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/1425/1/012175

Zorina, A., Bélanger, F. Kumar, N., and Clegg, S. (Forthcoming) Published online on 3.1.21. Watchers, Watched, and Watching in the Digital Age: Reconceptualization of IT Monitoring as Complex Action Nets, Organization Science, accepted November 2020.

Van Slyke, C. and Bélanger, F. 2020. Explaining the Interactions of Humans and Artifacts in Insider Security Behaviors: The Mangle of Practice Perspective, Computers & Security, 99, 1-16, December,

Bélanger, F. and James, T., 2020. A Theory of Multilevel Information Privacy Management for the Digital Era, Information Systems Research, 31:2, 510-536,

Bélanger, F., Crossler, R. E., and Correia, J. Forthcoming. Privacy Maintenance in Self-Digitization: The Effect of Information Disclosure on Continuance Intentions, The DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems, 52:2, In Press.

Bhattacharjee, S., K. Moreno, and J. Pyzoha. 2020. The Influence of Perspective Taking Encouraged by the Audit Committee on Auditor and Client Judgments during Accounting Disputes. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory: 39 (3): 29–53. 2.

Wright, N. S., and S. Bhattacharjee. 2020. Practitioner Summary: The Impact of Internal Subject Matter Expert Advice Quality and the Timing of Expert Use Awareness on Auditors’ Level of Effort and Subsequent Judgments. Current Issues in Auditing: 14 (2): P31–P39.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Davidson, R. Executives’ Legal Records, and the Deterrent Effect of Corporate Governance (with Aiyesha Dey and Abbie Smith). Contemporary Accounting Research, 2020

Bauer, T. D., S. M. Hillison, M. E. Peecher, and B. Pomeroy. 2020. Revising Audit Plans to Address Fraud Risk: A Case of “Do as I Advise, Not as I Do”? Contemporary Accounting Research 37 (4): 2558-2589.

Huang, J., Krull, L., and Ziedonis, R. (2020). R&D investments and tax incentives: The role of intra-firm cross-border collaboration. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2020.  doi:

Huang, J., Matsunaga, S. R., and Wang, Z. J. (2020). The role of pension business benefits in institutional block ownership and corporate governance. Contemporary Accounting Research, 2020 . doi:

De Simone, L., Huang, J., and Krull, L. K. (2020). R&D and the rising foreign profitability of US multinational corporations. The Accounting Review 95(3): 177-204.

“Audit Committee Accounting Expertise and the Mitigation of Strategic Auditor Behavior”, with James Hansen, Ling Lei Lisic, Tim Seidel, and Mike Wilkins. 2020. The Accounting Review, 2020.  The Switch Up: An Examination of Changes in Earnings Management after Receiving SEC Comment Letters”, with Lauren Cunningham, Bret Johnson, and Scott Johnson, Ling Lei Lisic (2020). Contemporary Accounting Research 37 (2): 917-944.

Lauck, J. R., J. R. Rakestraw, and S. E. Stein. 2020. Do audit fees reflect unique characteristics of individual executives? Accounting Horizons 34 (4): 105-124.

Bills, K. L., M. Cobabe, J. Pittman, and S. E. Stein. 2020. To share or not to share: The importance of peer firm similarity to auditor choice. Accounting, Organizations and Society 83: 1-24.

Bills, K.L., C. Hayne, and S. E. Stein. 2021. Collaborating with competitors: How do small firm accounting associations and networks successfully manage coopetitive tensions? Contemporary Accounting Research, 2020

Tan, Liang, Santhosh Ramalingegowda and Yong Yu.  “Third-party Consequences of Changes in Managerial Fiduciary Duties: The Case of Auditors’ Going Concern Opinions”, . Management Science, Jan. 07, 2021

Tan, Liang, Daniel Bens, Sterling Huang, and Wan Wongsunwai.  “Contracting and Reporting Conservatism around a Change in Fiduciary Duties”, Contemporary Accounting Research, Winter 2020, 37 (4): 2472-2500.

Vance, Marshall and D. Black.  “Do First Impressions Last? The Impact of Initial Assessments and Subsequent Performance on Promotion Decisions,” Management Science, 2020.

James, T.L., Shen, W., Townsend, D., Junkunc, M., and Wallace, L. (Forthcoming). Published 01.04.21 Love Can’t Buy You Money: Resource Exchange on Reward-Based Crowdfunding Platforms.  Information Systems Journal

Robert Davidson (Photo credit: Shawn Sprouse. Illustration used with permission from Routledge/Taylor & Francis Books Inc.)
Sarah Stein named Deloitte Foundation Faculty Fellow of Accounting and Information Systems.
Jeffrey Pittman, Visiting Professor

Steve Sheetz, Accut; composite with XBRL code

France Bélanger researches digital privacy issues.

Steve Sheetz, Accut; composite with XBRL code

Steve Sheets researches XBRL