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Learn more about Accounting Career Paths with this Roadtrip Nation Video

Most of us think of a career as a ladder, with only one way to go. "Making it Balance" proves a career is actually an ever-evolving journey; one that can move in any direction as you change and grow. Come along for the ride as Sobia, Leilani, and Da’Rell—three young adults on a mission to meet leaders who began their careers in audit or accounting and learn from them—travel across the country in search of what it looks like to pave your own career path. As you hear from inspiring leaders like Cathy Engelbert, WNBA commissioner and the first woman to lead a Big Four accounting firm in the US, and Bryan Ford, a former CPA who combined his business savvy and love of bread to become a baking consultant for bakeries around the world, you’ll see that careers are anything but static; you get to choose and define the path as you go.