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2016 Faculty Publications & Grants

Barkhi, Reza, Stephen Seifert, and Elizabeth T. Schwartz, “DeNISTifying Cybersecurity:  An Internal MIS and IT Audit Self-Assessment Tool,” Internal Auditing, September/October 2016, pp. 6-12.

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Du, Ruixue, Manisha Singal, and John A. Brozovsky, “Linking Earnings, Dividends, and Operating Cash Flow to Stock Price in the Hospitality Industry,” Journal of Accounting and Free Enterprise, Volume 2, Issue 1, Fall 2016, pp. 35-48.

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Zhou, Mi (Jamie), Baozhou Lu, Weiguo (Patrick) Fan, and G. Alan Wang, “Project Description and Crowdfunding Success:  An Exploratory Study,” Information Systems Frontiers, pp. 1-16, December 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s10796-016-9723-1.

Grants Awarded

Belanger, France (co-PI) and T. L. James, “We-Privacy:  Group Interaction and Information Management, Institute for Society, Culture and Environment,” 2016 Summer Scholars Program, $19,046, April 2016.

Belanger, France (PI) and T. L. James, “Fitness Technology and Older Adults: Studying Socialization as a Facilitator for Exercise Outcomes and Continued Usage,” Center for Gerontology Faculty Affiliate Research Development Grant ELDERStrong, $5,000, December 2016.

Belanger, France (PI) and T. L. James, “How Socialization Facilitated by Fitness Technology Improves Exercise Participation and Outcomes,” Institute for Society, Culture and Environment Unsolicited FY 2017 Funding, $5,100, December 2016.

Hayne, Christie (co-PI) and M. Vance, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, $18,380, December 15, 2016.

Wallace, Linda, “The Wisdom of the Crowd: Funding New Technology Ventures in Reward-Based Crowdfunding Campaigns.” Received a $5,000 Pamplin Entrepreneurship Research Mini-Grant, offered by The Apex Systems Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE