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2006 Faculty Publications & Grants

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Grants Awarded

Bélanger, France, “CT-ISG: POCKET: A Trustworthy System for Protecting Children’s Online Privacy,” NSF CyberTrust program, co-PI (with Janine S. Hiller, Michael Hsiao, and Jungmin Park), 8/1/2005-7/31/2008, $449,500.

Bélanger, France, “Critical Information Infrastructure Assurance,” VT/NCR International Research Symposium, $42,000.

Fan, Weiguo, “Personalization of Content:  Bridging the Gap Between NSDL and Its Users Through the Course Website,” NSF DUE Grant DUE-0532825, 9/1/2005-8/31/2008, $450,000, with Lillian Cassel (Villanova), Edward Fox, and Manuel Perez.

Fan, Weiguo, “Managing Complex Information Applications:  An Archaeology Digital Library,” NSF ITR Medium Grant IIS-0325579, 9/1/03-12/31/05, $385,000, with Edward Fox and James Flanagan (CWRU).