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2009 Faculty Publications & Grants

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Grants Awarded

Fan, Weiguo, NSF NSDL Large Grant DUE-0840719, Co-PI, $2.5 million, “Ensemble:  A pathway project for computing education,” (VT portion, $500,000), 9/15/08-8/31/10.

Sheetz, Steven D., David Henderson, and Brad Trinkle, “Understanding Perceptions of XBRL Adoption,” PricewaterhouseCoopers, $48,399.


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Book Chapters

James, T., T. Pirim, K. Boswell, B. Reithel, and Reza Barkhi, “An Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model to Determine the Intention to Use Biometric Devices.” In S. Clarke (Ed.), End User Computing Challenges Technologies: Emerging Tools & Applications, Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, November 2007, pp. 57-78.