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2011 Faculty Publications & Grants

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Grants Awarded

Natsev, A., A. Kavanaugh, E. Fox, D. Shoemaker, and Steven D. Sheetz, “Social Media for Cities, Counties, and Communities,” VT Center for Community Security & Resilience and Arlington County Virginia, $19,000, October 2010.  Partner is IBM.

Jenkins, J. Gregory and Steven D. Sheetz, “Detecting Deception in Auditor Client Communications:  A Comparison of Communication Modes,” Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment (ISCE), $10,000, February 2011.

Sheetz, Steven D., “Research Experiences for Undergraduates for the LIKES: Living in the Knowledge Society.”  Funded by the NSF, $8,400, August 2010.

Book Chapters

Ahmad, N. and Reza Barkhi, “The Contextual and Collaborative Dimensions of Avatar in Real-Time Decision Making,” Supporting Real Time Decision Making: The Role of Context in Decision Support on the Move, (Ed. Freda Burstein and Arkady Zaslavsky), Springer Media, N.Y., 2011, pp. 133-158.

James, T., T. Pirim, K. Boswell, B. Reithel, and Reza Barkhi, “Examining an Individual’s Perceived Need for Privacy and Security,” in Pervasive Information Security and Privacy Developments:  Trends and Advancements (Advances in Information Security and Privacy series), Ed. Hamid Nemati, IGI Global Publishing, 2010, pp. 1-13.