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2014 Faculty Publications & Grants

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Grants Awarded

Belanger, France, “An Exploration of Mobile Technology Addiction Vulnerabilities and Implications,” Institute for Society, Culture and Environment (ISCE) 2014-2015 Senior Scholar, PI, $20,000.

Sheetz, Steven D., co-PI, PI E. Fox (CS), co-PIs A. Kavanaugh (CS), and D. Shoemaker (Sociology), “III:Small:Integrated Digital Event Archive and Library (IDEAL),” NSF, $500,000, $125,000 (25%), full, received Aug. 2013., 3 year grant.

Sheetz, Steven D. co-PI, S. Duncan (Food Science) PI, other co-PIs, M.A. Bell (Psychology), D. Gallagher (Civil and Environmental Engineering), “Integrating Data for Emotional Assessment: Applications for Interpersonal Deception and Food Interaction Decisions,” VT-Institute for Creative Arts and Technology (ICAT), $25,000, $6,500 (25%), none, May 2013, Received July 2013, 1 year grant, no cost extension for additional data collection.