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Mailyn Fernandez

Ph.D. Student


Financial Archival

Began Ph.D. Program



Mailyn Fernandez joined the PhD program in the Accounting and Information Systems Department at Virginia Tech in Fall 2020. She received a BBA double major in finance and accounting and a research MA in Latin American Studies from the University of Miami. She also obtained an MA in Business Administration from the University of Michigan, where she completed coursework in accounting theory and empirical research. Prior to pursuing graduate studies, Mailyn worked in commercial banking for global financial institutions, such as BNY Mellon and Banc Sabadell.

She is primarily interested in financial archival research, particularly topics in disclosure, debt contracting, and financial regulation. Her research interests stem from her professional experience in banking and the domestic challenges arising from doing business with a largely international clientele in Miami and South Florida.

Mailyn is also a member of The PhD Project Accounting Doctoral Student Association.