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Student Organizations

The department encourages interaction with accounting and information systems professionals by sponsoring student organizations:

  • The Virginia Tech Accounting Society is a professional and social group formed for the promotion of Accounting as a major.  All business majors are welcomed and we encourage anyone interested in a career within accounting to join. If you are an underclassman considering accounting as a major, this group is an easy and noncommittal way to explore the field and network with companies during weekly meetings.   We hold an interest meeting each semester and encourage anyone interested to attend.
  • Beta Alpha Psi is the international honors organization for financial information professionals. The purpose of this organization is to encourage and to recognize scholastic and professional excellence in the fields of accounting, finance, and information systems. The Gamma Lambda Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi provides opportunities for its members to be involved in professional, academic, and social activities. Why join BAP?
  • National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) unites students who have similar interests and ideals, are committed to academic and future professional excellence, possess a sense of professional and civic responsibility, and are concerned with enhancing opportunities for minorities in the accounting profession.
  • Collegiate Women in Business (CWIB) is a student organization that seeks to empower, prepare, and connect our members. We partner with diverse companies to help provide professional development opportunities for our students. In addition, our organization hosts social events to grow our members' networks and bond with women who share common interests. We have an extensive CWIB alumni network and mentorship program for everyone to participate in. Every year we plan treks to various cities to meet with business professionals and explore the area. Any majors and/or years are welcome! Faculty Advisor: Nadia Rogers and Michelle Seref 

These and other campus student groups offer opportunities to cultivate leadership skills and build a social and professional network.