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MACIS Plan of Study Options

Reza Barkhi teaching ACIS 5514

Our Master of Accounting and Information Systems (MACIS) Program prepares students for professional careers with specializations in accounting analytics, audit, financial services, information systems and taxation.  Students choose one of these specializations (referred to as Options) upon entering the Program.  The curriculum for each Option meets the Virginia Board of Accountancy’s educational requirements for CPA licensure and is as follows:

  • Accounting Analytics Option
    The business world has increasingly turned to sophisticated analytics to help make sense of available data and reach decisions that are more informed. We have collaborated with KPMG to develop an Accounting Analytics Option within our MACIS Program.  This Option provides you with a degree grounded in applying state-of-the-art analytics concepts, techniques, and software to analyze and visualize data and report meaningful information to management, clients, etc.  It is also designed to provide a knowledge base that will qualify you to take the CPA examination. 
  • Audit Option
    The curriculum in this Option is designed to prepare you to effectively practice as accountants and auditors in the current and future business environments. It is designed to provide a knowledge base that will qualify you to take the CPA examination.
  • Financial Services Option
    Like the Audit Option, this Option also provides a knowledge base that will qualify you to take the CPA examination.  This Option’s curriculum is designed to provide you with an analytical perspective from which you can effectively examine key business decisions related to financial markets and institutions and advise clients accordingly.
  • Information Systems Option
    The Information Systems Option includes education in the latest database management techniques and system modeling approaches and provides the knowledge necessary to audit information systems in today’s technological environment. This combination of accounting, information systems and auditing knowledge is highly sought after by companies and accounting firms.  A background in information systems at the undergraduate level is desirable, but not required.  This Option provides a knowledge base that will qualify you to take the CPA examination as well as the CISA certification exam.
  • Tax Option
    If you are interested in a successful career in tax consulting, tax preparation services, or corporate tax practice, this Option is for you. You will receive an education in the latest systems technologies that are necessary for tax consulting, preparation, and corporate and governmental tax planning in today’s technological environment. This Option also provides you with a knowledge base that qualifies you to take the CPA examination.

Students without prior collegiate studies in accounting and business administration can expect to spend at least two years in the Program.  For those who have fulfilled the background requirements (i.e., students who studied business, accounting or information systems as undergraduates), the Program can be completed in 1 academic year.

If applicants are interested in pursuing practical experience while earning his/her graduate degree, credit will be awarded for substantive internships meeting certain criteria (Spring semester preferred).