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Collaboration with KPMG

We are a proud participant of KPMG's Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics (MADA) Program.  Participation in the MADA Program directly aligns with our mission to offer a world class education to our students.  The genesis of our Accounting Analytics Option relates to the increased emphasis on analytics within the profession along with an exposure and understanding of the KPMG MADA Program with an emphasis on data and analytics.

Our ACIS faculty have collaborated with KPMG and its MADA Program to provide enhanced educational benefits to our students.  One of the benefits our students experience is courses led by ACIS faculty who have undergone intensive training with state-of-the-art software and methodologies.  Students also benefit from access to KPMG and other tools, data sets, and developed cases, which are incorporated into various courses.

In the words of KPMG documentation, “this award-winning KPMG Program offers students a one-of-a-kind master’s degree for accounting professionals in the data age.  The demanding coursework [goes] beyond traditional accounting principles to include technologies and methodologies used in today’s highly complex, data-centric accounting environments, ensuring that next generation accounting students are equally comfortable in their [data and analytics] D&A skills, as they are in their traditional accounting skills.”

All students in the MACIS Program (regardless of MACIS Option) have access to the tools and technologies, data sets and case studies provided by KPMG.

NEW!  Scholarship Funding Available for Underrepresented Individuals

Through our continued relationship with KPMG as a participant in its MADA Program, we are able to provide significant funding in the form of scholarships to underrepresented individuals pursuing a graduate degree in our MACIS Program.  Visit our Financial Assistance page for more information regarding KPMG’s gift to Virginia Tech in addition to information regarding eligibility criteria as well as the application process and deadline.