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152-Hour Program

For students who enroll as undergraduates and who are interested in becoming certified public accountants, we have a special 152-Hour Program that combines undergraduate and graduate course work. The program allows undergraduates to take courses necessary to receive both the Bachelor’s degree and the Master’s degree in Accounting and Information Systems upon completion usually in five years or less, while also meeting the Virginia Board of Accountancy’s (VBOA) educational requirements for CPA licensure.

Shirley Edwards

University requirements are for 125 hours of credit for the Bachelor’s degree and 30 hours for the Master’s degree, for a total of 155 hours. To facilitate a 152-Hour Program, one graduate course counts toward both the undergraduate degree and the graduate degree. During the two semesters following admission to the graduate school, students who have been admitted to the Program may complete up to nine hours of graduate work, jointly enrolled in the Graduate School and the Department of Accounting and Information Systems. Successful completion of three hours of graduate work with no less than a B average serve to complete the last three hours of the 125-hour Bachelor’s degree.

ACIS undergraduate students who would like to apply into our 152-Hour Program must have taken or be enrolled in the following 3000 level ACIS courses:  3115, 3116 and 3504.  Students can be in the 152-Hour Program for a maximum of 2 semesters.

Our 152-Hour Program is a practical and cost-effective method of meeting the education requirement.