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Financial Assistance


The Accounting and Information Systems (ACIS) Department typically provides more than 20 assistantships each year to our MACIS students.  Two types of assistantships are available:  Teaching Assistantship and Graduate Assistantship.    Teaching Assistants teach sections of Principles of Accounting (financial).  Graduate Assistants assist PhD faculty with research, proctor exams and help grade assignments.  Students with assistantships have an employment contract with Virginia Tech wherein all or a portion of his/her tuition is covered by Virginia Tech, he/she receives a monthly stipend and he/she is also eligible for student health benefits.  Both types of assistantships are excellent leadership opportunities and enable the student to build strong relationships with faculty and students.

Please indicate interest in an assistantship within your MACIS application.


The ACIS Department awards over $300,000 in scholarships on an annual basis.  Students may apply for scholarships through Virginia Tech's Scholarship website.  Applicants will need to create an account, search for ACIS scholarships, and check eligibility requirements for each award.  For further information, please visit the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.