On Thursday, May 14, 2020, the Accounting and Information Systems (ACIS) Class of 2020 joined our ACIS faculty for a unique graduation celebration in Zoom.  While this year’s commencement ceremony and events look quite different from years past due to COVID-19, we are thankful to have had the opportunity to celebrate our graduates.  During the celebration, students reflected on their time at Virginia Tech and faculty provided words of wisdom and advice for the future.

ACIS Spring 2020 Graduate Austin Abraham
Austin Abraham, ACIS Class of 2020

Our ACIS students’ reflections ranged from meeting their best friends to studying abroad to acceptance into our Master’s Program in ACIS to specific course experiences and memories of the support and example faculty have provided over the years.  Genevieve Coan indicated that she is thankful for “the Accounting Department and all the support it provided, whether related to scholarships or dedication of professors.”  She also expressed her appreciation for the range of classes she was able to take and the experiences she was able to participate in at Virginia Tech.  Austin Abraham shared that it was difficult to choose one favorite memory, but the “overarching concept is the quality of education received from Virginia Tech and Pamplin.”  He further elaborated that, in talking with professionals, he has heard firsthand the value placed on Hokies in the workforce.  Per Austin, “knowing that everyone in the area and around the world recognizes the quality of education I’m getting here and that thanks to all the hard work of all of the professors in the department, I will always be a valuable asset to any firm, is one of my favorite things.”  Raya Custard, who excitedly announced that she had accepted a job offer just hours prior to our celebration, thanked professors for their passion.  Per Raya, “My professors’ love for teaching makes me more passionate about the subject [being taught] and I will carry that wherever I go.”

ACIS faculty offered words of wisdom and advice for the future, while also complimenting our students on their resilience during the abrupt transition to online learning this semester.  Dr. Jack Maher, ACIS Department Head and Professor, shared an important, timely message that “a critical determinant in being happy and successful in life is our ability to change and learn how to adjust in order to succeed in an ever-changing environment” and he acknowledged how well our students have handled the current circumstances and the changes we have experienced in education.  Dr. Maher further encouraged our students to have confidence in their knowledge because Virginia Tech has provided them with an educational foundation that has prepared them for a career in the professional world.  Those sentiments were shared by all faculty as was evident in the remarks and advice provided to students.

Congratulations to our ACIS graduates!  We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished, and we look forward to celebrating your many successes in the future.

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