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Jason Ksanznak

MADA Graduate Jason Ksanznak

Jason’s interest in using technology to understand data was piqued during his undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech.  Per Jason, “My professors gave me opportunities to work with different software tools and consider how they could be used in practice.”  He further developed an “interest in applying these tools to auditing and saw the MADA Program as a great step toward a career focused on innovation.”

In a Forbes article entitled KPMG's Lynne Doughtie On The Role Of Innovation And Collaboration In The Age Of Convergence, Lynne Doughtie, CEO and Chairman of KPMG LLP, was quoted as having said that “Innovation can’t just happen within the walls of your own organization.”  This is a sentiment that resonates with Jason as he combines the MACIS coursework with hands-on auditing experience gained during his internship with KPMG.  During the Fall semester, Jason was exposed to IDEA in the Forensic & Investigative Accounting course.  This exposure gave him the knowledge and confidence to share ideas related to the usage of this tool and really add value to KPMG and its clients during his internship.

Jason’s favorite part about Virginia Tech is being a member of the Virginia Tech community.  He indicated that he has developed great relationships with his peers, professors, and alumni and specifically spoke to the collaborative nature of our MACIS Program as being a contributing factor.

Jason looks forward to beginning employment with KPMG as an Experienced Associate, and is excited for the on-the-job learning that comes with public accounting.