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Omar Rivera

MADA Graduate Omar Rivera

Omar was drawn to Virginia Tech as he had heard from close friends and mentors that Virginia Tech’s MACIS professors were extremely knowledgeable and that the MACIS coursework would best prepare him for a career as an auditor.  He also became aware of KPMG’s MADA Program and, knowing that data and analytics is the future of business and auditing, recognized that “[t]he opportunity to learn about D&A and hopefully become a D&A champion at KPMG” was one that he could not forego.    

Omar has had positive experiences on campus and during his KPMG internship.  He indicated that “[t]he MACIS Professors made every effort to make themselves available to students, whether it was for providing help on coursework or providing guidance on future careers.”  He further indicated that he was able to make lifelong friends, especially with the other KPMG MADA students at Virginia Tech.  With respect to his internship experience, Omar indicated that “[it] was amazing!  I was able to experience working on a large public client and a medium-sized private client, which exposed me to numerous dimensions of an audit.”

Omar looks forward to further applying the skills he gained from the MACIS Program to the audits he will be a part of as a full-time KPMG employee.