Virginia Tech’s Accounting and Information Systems (ACIS) Department joined forces with one of the Big 4 public accounting firms, KPMG LLP, to develop its KPMG Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics (MADA) Program, and our inaugural cohort of KPMG MADA students graduates at the end of Summer 2019. Per KPMG, “this award-winning program offers an innovative experience for accounting professionals in the data age.  The demanding coursework goes beyond traditional accounting principles to include technologies and methodologies used in today’s highly complex, data-centric accounting environments, ensuring that accounting students are equally comfortable in their data and analytics skills, as they are in their traditional accounting skills.”  Per Nadia Rogers, Associate Professor of Practice in the ACIS Department and Director of the Master of Accounting and Information Systems (MACIS) Program, “It is an honor to have been selected by KPMG as one of nine high quality universities in the country to participate in its MADA Program.  This Program directly aligns with our department’s longstanding mission of providing a world-class education that combines accounting and information systems knowledge, and we have been very pleased with the associated benefits of our participation.”  The benefits experienced by faculty and students are as follows:

  • Intensive, continuous faculty training provided by KPMG on data analytic concepts and techniques as well as using KPMG proprietary tools
  • KPMG sponsorship entails (1) KPMG paying tuition, fees, books and a stipend to help cover room and board, (2) an internship with KPMG during the entire Spring semester, and (3) upon graduation, sponsored students are hired by KPMG as Experienced Associates with a three-year, full-time employment contract (opportunity for an accelerated career path)
  • All Virginia Tech Master of Accounting and Information Systems (MACIS) students, regardless of KPMG sponsorship and regardless of the option chosen within our MACIS Program, have exposure to KPMG’s proprietary tools, data sets and case studies


Inaugural MADA Graduates James Chisholm, Jason Ksanznak, Kellee Griffin, Omar Rivera and Nick Stegmuller

2018-19 KPMG MADA Graduates

The inaugural cohort of KPMG’s program participants graduating from Virginia Tech is comprised of James Chisholm, Kellee Griffin, Jason Ksanznak, Omar Rivera and Nick Stegmuller.  Select each graduate's picture to learn more about them.

Please join us in congratulating these outstanding students. We are extremely proud of all that they have accomplished while at Virginia Tech. Each of them has positively impacted the classroom dynamic with his/her diverse background and strong desire to learn and participate in classroom discussions. We look forward to learning of the many successes of their careers within KPMG and the accounting profession.

Future KPMG MADA Students

As the 2020-21 KPMG MADA and related university acceptance process comes to a close in August 2019, we will welcome the 2019-20 cohort of KPMG MADA students to campus.  For more information about our MACIS Program and/or our participation in KPMG’s MADA Program,  please visit our website or contact Nadia Rogers, Director of our MACIS Program, at