You may not initially recognize Zachariah Hoyt but if you are a Hokie football fan, you probably have witnessed him hiking the ball to either Josh Jackson or Ryan Willis.  Zachariah, a redshirt sophomore, is the starting center for the Virginia Tech Hokies and is majoring in Accounting and Information Systems (ACIS) in the Pamplin College of Business.

Zachariah Hoyt on the line

Standing at 6 feet 5 inches and sporting a large beard, Zachariah is very recognizable in accounting classrooms.  He is a former standout on the Salem High School football team and was ranked as the No. 22 center nationally by 247Sports coming out of high school.  

Zachariah Hoyt after the handoff.

When he began his academic/athletic journey at Virginia Tech, he knew that he liked business, and accounting was a career that his family knew very well.  Both his father and brother are accountants in the Salem, VA area and his passion for accounting in the classroom began with his first ACIS class (ACIS 2115 Principles of Accounting).  Zachariah has noted that this class, taught by Lynn Almond, has been his favorite so far.  He is currently taking some of the upper-level classes such as Intermediate Accounting II, Auditing, and Corporate Taxation.  Zachariah has plans to apply to the MACIS program at Virginia Tech after graduation.  He is currently open to the varied career paths that accounting offers and hopes to further his knowledge in the master's program to determine if he will choose a career in financial accounting, audit, tax or analytics.  

Hokies Center Zachariah Hoyt

Outside of playing football and studying accounting, Zachariah loves to watch and critique all types of movies including the classics and he also enjoys fishing.