Ling Lisic and her coauthors (Linda Myers, Tim Seidel, and Jian Zhou) recently had their paper titled "Does Audit Committee Accounting Expertise Help to Promote Audit Quality? Evidence from Auditor Reporting of Internal Control Weaknesses" accepted by Contemporary Accounting Research, which is one of the top journals in accounting. This is her 7th paper published/accepted in premier business journals, making her total number of peer-reviewed publications/acceptances 16. In this study, they examine whether audit committee accounting expertise helps to promote audit quality by motivating auditors to conduct diligent internal control audits and make appropriate internal control assessments because audit committee accounting expertise safeguards auditors from dismissal following adverse internal control opinions. Among clients with existing and likely internal control material weaknesses, they find a greater likelihood of adverse internal control audit opinions when the audit committee has greater accounting expertise. Among all clients, we find a lower likelihood of subsequent auditor dismissal following an adverse internal control audit opinion when the audit committee has greater accounting expertise. These findings have important implications for regulators and corporate nominating committees interested in promoting audit committee effectiveness. 

Ling Lisic joined the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech in the Fall of 2017. Her research interests focus on archival tests of economic and behavioral theories of auditing and financial accounting. Her research has appeared in premier business journals such as The Accounting ReviewJournal of Accounting and EconomicsJournal of Financial EconomicsProduction and Operations Management, and Contemporary Accounting Research